FAQ's / Team Help

*NOTE- Many questions can be fully answered by reading and familiarizing yourself with our rules page.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions

What is AWS?

We are a multi-sport association for amateur sports. Our goal is to bring AWS throughout the USA. Currently we host Youth Baseball, Youth Fastpitch as well as Adult Slowpitch tournaments and leagues.

What does “first to pay, plays” mean?

To be fair to all teams we simply take deposits/payments to confirm your intention to show up at any tournament entered until we sell out the capacity of the fields. If your team shows confirmed, deposit paid, or paid in full on our who’s coming list - this means you are being bracketed in to the tournament!

Does a team that has only paid a deposit get bumped for a team that paid in full?

No – a deposit confirms your intention to play. Balance can be paid up until the morning of tournament.

Please don’t pay online on Friday’s as it is our paperwork day.

What do I need to bring at check in time ?

You should have a folder at every tournament that has:

- All World roster/waiver signed by all parents

- proof of valid insurance

- copies of birth certificates

How do I drop out of a tournament?

When needing to drop from a tournament you have entered please email support@playallworld.com not just the listed director.

Call and/or text the director so he knows asap!! A confirmed team agrees to responsibilities according to the rules page – please see rules page.

Where and when do we find brackets?

Where to look for notifications on field conditions, game status

All World Sports will post our weather updates Friday evening on top of our brackets page, and update if any changes at 6:30 – 7: 00 am from the fields on Saturday mornings.

If there are no updates, all games are on as scheduled. If there are delays or cancellations, updates will be posted and your team manager/contact will be emailed  / texted ASAP with changes.

Does my credit from a rain out expire?

No, contact our office M-F, 9am – 5pm at support@playallworld.com when ready to apply credit. Please have amount, date and city of tournament that credit resulted and reason for credit, ie: weather for us to verify.


Why do refunds have a 10% percentage taken out but credits are 100%?

What are the ages for AWS Travel baseball teams?

The ages are from 8u thru 19u

Does AWS allow younger players to "play up"?

Yes, players are encouraged to play at their age level but some kids are advanced in skill to play up.

What are the age cutoffs for the season?

April 30th is the designated date to determine age for the season.

How many players can be on a roster?

Rosters may not exceed 22 players, 1 bat boy, 3 coaches & 1 manager

Do I need to sign liability for my child?

Yes, the manager of the team states that all the information supplied on the team roster is correct to the best of his knowledge and that all of the parents signed the Roster in their own handwriting. The manager further agrees that each player is eligible to compete with his team in the AthruZ Enterprises, Inc; dba All World Sports program in accordance with the All World Sports rules governing that sport

What are the major tourneys in AWS

All World Sports World Series, Midnight Madness, Las Vegas Worlds, Golden Woody, NYBC Qualifiers

Can players be added to existing roster?

Yes, prior to tournament start

Is there overnight travel? Do you have hotel deals?

Yes, for hotel deals contact < edallworldsports@yahoo.com >

How do I start a travel ball team?

Fill a roster, pay for insurance, create a manager account, register your team with AWS and enter a tournament. All can be done on AWS website.

Who is responsible for supplying baseballs?

All World Sports supply baseballs but ask that teams help retrieve foul balls back into play.

Are there games during the week?

Yes, on three day holiday tournaments and during our spring league.

Pay by Check?

Sending a check for payment for Nor Cal - NV events for Rudy Rodriguez / Ed Feldman events 

Send to All World Sports 1079 Sunrise Ave Suite B-330 Roseville,CA 95661

Make payable to All World Sports and make sure you send note with payment with team name / age and location and date of the event you are paying for

More answers and FAQ’s coming soon….



New Teams: Getting Started

Please go to www.allworldbaseball.com  and select “Annual Registration”. Then create your manager profile and there is no fee.

Then select “Manager Login” and use the username and password you just created to log in.

On the left of the screen you have options:

  • to create your team(s) $35 fee per team
  • enter tournament(s) – fees vary
  • add roster – no fee
  • purchase insurance – fees vary by age


Past Season Teams

Teams can simply log in and click “create teams” from left screen.

Select the edit icon of the desired team (pencil in box to the right of team name) and the first option in the form is SEASON. Select the 2017 season and then “update” at bottom of form. They will be redirected to payment screen.

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