Umpire Registration

Once registered annually with us, you will be eligible to participate in our tournaments.

Umpires must agree to a background check and pass.



Umpire Information

Pay Scale:  Baseball

Pay will be at conclusion of your weekend work; 

$47 – (12u & under) & (8u is one man)

$50 – (13u & up)

Once you arrive at the fields you working for the On-Site Tournament Director; they will help take care of you for the weekend. When we have a three day weekend you will be paid on the second and third day!

Make sure all left over used baseball are brought back to the All World booth after each game.

You Must Be Professionally Dressed and Groomed. Uniforms must be All World, clean and wrinkle free

No smoking or drinking on fields, in parking lot or inside park complex

Show up and check in with On-Site Tournament Director 30 minute prior to your 1st scheduled game

No extended breaks without On-Site Tournament Director approval.

Timers (Our Timers) must be used and then returned after each set otherwise both umpires will be docked $10 each

Games are not rained out or cancelled until On-Site Tournament Director makes the announcement

Scorecards must be legible with correct scores and signed by both coaches

Protest: Check with On-Site Tournament Director before making final decision

An Umpire can/will be fines for any of the following:

  • If you cancel after schedule is sent out
  • If you are late
  • If your uniform is not up to code
  • You no show
  • * Umpire score cards not being correct

All World has the right to remove umpires anytime, we do not need to have a qualified replacement available

AWS Officials accept the above policies and guidelines before stepping on the field. 


Thank you  All World Sports 

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